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New Members Wanted

We welcome all with  a coupon 24% OFF
a single entry to
FindMeInIreland Speed Dating.
You will receive a discount coupon when you sign up to participate in Speed Dating.

You need to

Sign Up

 to get on the waiting list that may take some time while we are forming a group.

You will then be contacted to confirm your availability for the upcoming Speed Dating session for your age group and will receive a discount coupon code that  you can redeem when you  

Book a Date. 


To become a club member  and  to see other members profiles you need to purchase one of our flexible

 Membership Plans.

We care about our members privacy and took necessary precautions that only members with valid club membership can see other members profiles.

Single Ticket is for entry and includes:

  • complementary  tea/coffee/ bottle of water or 3 EUR OFF coupon for the bar

  • 20% concession on Disco tickets

  • 10% off your bill if you order a meal in Porterhouse Central on the day after Speed Dating. See Menu