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What Speed Dating is really like...


Are you fed up with online dating and want to find your match?

We are here to assist you!

  We are delighted to invite you to the Speed Dating events based in Ireland.

What happens there?

We form groups of suitable age of maximum 20 people at the time. All participants get number badges with numbers

from  1 to 10.

Ladies are seated at the tables and remain there.

Gents rotate seats and spend 6 minutes at each table. Both participants at each table get to meet 10 single people and have a brief chat. 

Once all participants met, each person fills the  Sympathy Card  marking  those participants that draw their interest.

What happens next?

Once there is a match, you'll know this at the end of the night.

We will email you the names of the people who picked you

on their Sympathy Card the following day.

Once the date is over, please feel free to stay at the bar for some refreshments and further communication.

Excited to give it a try?! Please check membership


Our goal is to bring together like-minded people from our multicultural community that share the same interests.

So, dance floor, accompanied by Latino music

and sensual dance moves came to our minds.


Those who practice Bachata are welcome

to come and impress the beginners.


If you want to learn how to dance Bachata 

and if you like this idea,

please register your interest by clicking  Bachata Social.